Value-oriented action
Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct - Ethical principles

The VON ARDENNE Code of Conduct is the compass for our actions. It contains principles and rules that are binding for all VON ARDENNE employees. The code provides clear guidance on how to act ethically in our daily work and how to live fairness, sustainability and integrity, both internally and externally.

The agreement to comply with the VON ARDENNE Code of Conduct is a key criterion for us when selecting new suppliers and sales partners: we expect our business partners to conduct their business in line with the values of this code and support them in this endeavor to the best of our ability. At the same time, we call on our suppliers to ensure the same in their supply chains.

on respecting and protecting human rights

At VON ARDENNE we have a sense of responsibility for our business activities and for respecting and protecting human rights in conjunction with those activities. We are committed to protecting these rights and helping ensure they are upheld by taking both preventive and remedial action should our activities cause or contribute to risks to people or the environment.

This aspiration applies to all business activities undertaken by our national and international corporate affiliates in their relevant locations and application areas, where we exert a decisive influence. We also call on our direct suppliers to ensure that human and environmental rights are protected and respected in their own commercial operations and in the wider supply chain and to establish appropriate due diligence processes. 

Fairness as the key in dealing with each other

We stand for fair dealings with all employees and business partners.

In particular, we strictly reject any form of discrimination based on age, gender, language, political views, ethnic, national or social origin, skin color, religion, sexual orientation or physical limitations.

Fair working conditions at our sites and in our supply chains are very important to us.

For us, this includes compliance with statutory regulations, appropriate pay and working time regulations, company agreements that are comprehensible to everyone, and a continuous focus on occupational health and safety.


We are committed to upholding fair competition.

We firmly reject any form of corruption or bribery, money laundering, as well as the formation or toleration of cartels, and we do not accept violations of export and customs regulations. Likewise, we strictly comply with applicable trade restrictions, sanctions, embargoes and anti-money laundering regulations.

Reporting channels

as a guaranty for active cooperation

We want to continuously improve, so we encourage all employees, as well as our business partners, customers, suppliers and other third parties, to report any suspected violation of applicable laws or our Code of Conduct.

We guarantee the greatest possible protection to whistleblowers, affected parties as well as the employees involved in clarifying a given matter. We follow up on all reports consistently, quickly and with the necessary level of confidentiality.


Provide information - but correctly!

So that the Information Office can process and investigate your information appropriately, it is important that your information is as specific as possible. It is helpful if you ask these questions when submitting your information:

  • Who? - Whom is this about? Who is affected?
  • What? - What happened? Description of the facts.
  • When? - When did the incident happen?
  • How? - How did it happen? How often does it happen?
  • Where? – Where did the incident occur?

As a whistleblower, ensure that your descriptions can also be understood by people outside your specialization. It is helpful if you are available for additional questions.

Report misconduct

The VON ARDENNE group offers a digital whistleblower system for hints. 

For this purpose, we use a digital tool provided by an external provider. The whistleblower system can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device around the clock. Incoming reports are processed exclusively by us.

The digital whistleblower system ensures that all reports are processed in accordance with the applicable laws. Reports can also be submitted anonymously.

By clicking this link you will get to the whistleblower system.


If you would like to send us your notice of any compliance violation by mail, please send your letter to our

Mailing address1

Information Office
Am Hahnweg 8
01328 Dresden


Please mark the letter "Confidential" or "Personal."

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