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The demand for optical products has increased tremendously in recent years, especially for precision optics. And recent megatrends will additionally boost market growth such as autonomous driving, the Internet of Things and virtual reality.

An essential prerequisite for these products are high-precision coatings. They exploit the optical interference properties and thus give the precision optics their desired functions.

VON ARDENNE has gained experience in the development and production of vacuum coating systems over many decades. Therefore, our customers benefit from our deep understanding of the physical processes of vacuum coating and the knowledge gained from their use in a wide variety of applications.

We have incorporated this knowledge into the development of numerous equipment platforms. This enables our customers to cover the complete spectrum of requirements: from research and development to pilot and mass production.

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Denser & more stable coatings

for antireflection coatings & optical filters

Special CARS process technology

for high-quality optical coatings

Up to 30% faster production

through simultaneous double-sided coating

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