What we expect
High quality and reliability

Our customers expect high-quality and technologically advanced equipment with short delivery times and high delivery reliability. We can only meet these expectations together with our suppliers.

  • Do you have the ability to ensure high quality at all times?
  • Do you have know-how in development and manufacturing that produces technical and technological innovations in close cooperation with VON ARDENNE?
  • Do your manufacturing capacities and expansion plans match the growth potential of our end-customer markets?
  • Do you have ideas to set new benchmarks for short delivery times?
  • Are your development, purchasing and manufacturing departments set up in such a way that your cost position allows for competitive prices?
New suppliers

Are you interested in a cooperation with VON ARDENNE and would like to become a supplier?

Information for new supplieres

Supplier portal

Suppliers with access data

Here you have the possibility to register to our supplier portal. If you are already registered, please use your access data:

Supplier portal

Supplieres without access data

If you are already a supplier but do not yet have access to our supplier portal, please contact your VON ARDENNE purchasing contact.

Quick guide for supplier portal registration


Unless otherwise agreed, all deliveries to VON ARDENNE must meet the requirements defined in our logistics guideline and the packaging manual as well as be made in compliance with our safety regulations. The current version of the documents can be found here:

UPS collection order

You can register your package shipments to VON ARDENNE in this portal, provided that the delivery condition FCA (INCOTERMS® 2020) has been agreed with you.

Our logistics partner UPS will pick up your shipment.

DB SCHENKER collection order

In this portal, you can register your forwarding goods to VON ARDENNE, provided that the delivery condition FCA (INCOTERMS® 2020) has been agreed with you AND a routing order has been agreed with you. If you are missing the latter, please contact the responsible buyer at VON ARDENNE

Your shipment will be collected by our logistics partner DB SCHENKER.

Your contact
Torsten Vetter

Senior Manager Logistics & Im-/ExportVON ARDENNE GmbH

New suppliers

By filling out the registration form, you are informing us that you would like to become a VON ARDENNE supplier.

After submitting the form, our employees in Strategic Purchasing will check and decide how to proceed with your registration.

All phases of a qualification of new suppliers can be found in this overview:

Qualification phases


Possible decisions about your registration

  1. Your offer fits our needs: We invite you to the qualification process, in which we take a closer look at your service offering. The duration and scope depend on the technological requirements and the complexity of the service offered in comparison with our needs.
  2. Your offer could be of interest in the future: Currently, there is no need to qualify additional suppliers. The qualification process is on hold until further notice. You will receive an email informing you that we will store your data and will contact you again if necessary.
  3. There is no need for your service offer: You will receive a written refusal from us by email.
Phase 0
Verification of your registration

You tell us that you are interested in a cooperation. In the registration form you enter basic data such as the company, address, contact person and categorize your service offer.

→  We check whether your service offer could be of interest to us and inform you about how to proceed.

Phase 1

In consultation with you, we learn more in detail about your service offer and get a rough overview of your organization and your economic background. You will receive more detailed information about our needs and qualification requirements.

→ We decide whether we want to qualify you as a supplier. Based on the available information, you decide whether a cooperation is of interest to you.

Phase 2

The scope and depth of the qualification process greatly depend on the complexity, the technological demand and the scope of the specific need.

If the requirement is high, we usually carry out potential analyses in your production facilities, audit processes and systems or have samples produced. For complex purchased parts with high technological requirements, we also carry out test series for technical validation and verification.

→ The content, scope and start of delivery are determined in this phase. We decide on the necessary qualification measures and negotiate the commercial conditions.

Phase 3
Long term cooperation

As part of a continuous supply relationship, your service offering becomes a regular part of our value creation. We regularly evaluate your performance as a supplier. We will extend our cooperation if there is a positive development and the corresponding potential.

→ Regular decision on measures to optimize our business relationship.

Conditions of Purchase & Code of Conduct

As a globally positioned company, we stand for sustainable business not only with our technologies, but also with our corporate processes.

Accordingly, the alignment of our supply chain is extremely important. We expect our suppliers to be involved in the implementation of sustainable processes. We see the implementation as a joint and long-term task.

Compliance with social and ethical standards is important to us! We therefore expect our suppliers to accept our Code of Conduct.

Your contact
Thomas Purath

Head of Global PurchasingVON ARDENNE GmbH

Norms, standards & approvals

Compliance with VON ARDENNE standards by our suppliers is an important component of quality assurance.

We provide our suppliers with the applicable standards as part of each purchase order.

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