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For us, customer proximity is crucial in order to provide fast and simple service and upgrades. That is why VON ARDENNE is growing worldwide.

In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, VON ARDENNE has Group units in China, India, Japan, Malaysia, the USA and Vietnam. In addition to their duties in regional service, sales and purchasing, they are actively involved in the VON ARDENNE Group's business development and global 24/7 service program.


VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

VON ARDENNE's entry into the Chinese market for glass coating systems took place in 2002. Encouraged by our growing success, the decision was quickly made to have our own representation and Chinese contact persons on site for our customers and to continue to position ourselves successfully in the market.

In 2006, our first group unit emerged from the agency: VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai (VAVE), located in Songjiang Industrial Park. The qualified team of sales representatives, engineers, service and installation specialists is the direct contact with our Chinese customers for all questions regarding systems, upgrades and spare parts deliveries. VAVE's employees now look after 35 VON ARDENNE coating systems installed at customers' sites for architectural glass and metal strips as well as for the photovoltaic industry.

VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment ensures the short-term supply of spare parts to our customers through its purchasing department. With their own production and expertise for the Chinese market, VAVE colleagues are actively involved in the strategic business development of the VON ARDENNE Group.

VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Plant 7, No 801 Qiangye Road, Songjiang District


VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The dynamic growth of thin-film photovoltaics and the investments of our customers in Malaysia led to the establishment of a representative office in 2007, which became VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in 2008. The Kulim-based company started with two employees and now employs 26 Malaysian colleagues.

VON ARDENNE Malaysia was initially founded as a service location. The company is constantly developing and now supports the Group's spare parts and upgrade business with its own sales and procurement teams and technicians. A bonded warehouse was set up in 2014 to ensure a reliable supply of spare parts. The team from Malaysia supports VON ARDENNE's activities in Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia with their vast experience.

VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

SUITE B3.1 (B&C) Ground Floor, KHTP Business Centre, Kulim Hi-Tech Park


VON ARDENNE North America, Inc.

VON ARDENNE North America, Inc. (VANA) emerged from our local service and sales partnerships in 2011.

VANA offers our North American customers comprehensive service for architectural glass systems, electron beam systems and coating systems for thin-film and crystalline photovoltaics from VON ARDENNE.

VANA is able to ensure the complete supply of spare parts and components for our customers in North America through local and global purchasing as well as on-site warehouses. VANA has its own team to prepare and plan project work and to support development and sales.

VON ARDENNE North America, Inc.

28304 Cedar Park Blvd. Suite F
OH 43551-4863 PERRYSBURG


VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd.

VON ARDENNE has been active in Japan through a representative office since 1995. VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd. (VAJP) has been part of the VON ARDENNE Group since the company was acquired in 2014.

VON ARDENNE Japan has its headquarters in Tokyo. Eight employees are currently responsible there for service, sales activities, and strategic business development of the VON ARDENNE Group in Japan. VAJP's service engineers support our Japanese customers who have installed coating systems for architectural glass, films and for the photovoltaic industry, as well as electron beam systems.

VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd.

Omori center building, 3F 1-17-2 Omori-Kita, Ota-ku,
143-0016 TOKYO


VON ARDENNE Vietnam, Corp., Ltd.

VON ARDENNE Vietnam, Corp., Ltd. (VAVN), based in Ho Chi Minh City, was established in 2017 as a service location to support our local customers and their coating systems. The site is located in the Dong Nam Industrial Park in close proximity to our customers in the photovoltaic and architectural glass industries. In cooperation with our other subsidiaries in Asia, VON ARDENNE Vietnam is to be expanded into another service location in Southeast Asia.

VON ARDENNE Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Lot TT1, Road D4, Dong Nam IP
Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Chi District,


VON ARDENNE India Pvt. Ltd.

VON ARDENNE India Pvt. Ltd (VAID) started operations on September 1, 2022. The subsidiary is located in Chennai in southeastern India.

As a sales and service unit, VON ARDENNE India focuses on developing the Indian market in order to place the technology and system portfolio of the VON ARDENNE Group on the market.

In addition, our on-site team offers a wide range of services for local system commissioning, repair and maintenance services, spare and wear parts, and advice on upgrades to increase system performance.

VON ARDENNE India Pvt. Ltd.

471, Vatika Business Centre
Prestige Polygon, 3rd Floor, Anna Salai,
Teynampet, CHENNAI

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