Electron Beam Technology
Melting & Evaporation with Proprietary Components

Electron beam technology has been used for decades in industry as a powerful tool. Examples include melting, vaporizing, separating, structuring and hardening metals and compounds, and polymerizing plastics.

In this process, electrons are released from an electrode and accelerated in an electric field. When these electrons hit a solid body with their kinetic energy, they are decelerated. The heat released in the process is used to process the material. If the electron beam is very finely focused and specifically deflected, metals can be welded together or separated.

Electron beams of very high power can be used to melt and refine metals with a high melting point very efficiently. Alternatively, the material can be evaporated to condense on a variety of substrates. Very high coating rates can be achieved, ten to a hundred times higher than with magnetron sputtering.

VON ARDENNE as one of the few companies in this industry specializes in both melting and evaporation. With more than 400 electron beam systems in operation all over the world, VON ARDENNE has acquired extensive know-how.

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10 to 100 times higher coating rates

compared to magnetron sputtering for certain materials

Complete technology from a single source:

from the electron beam gun to the coating system

Efficient melting & evaporation processes

through high energy density processes

What makes electron-beam assisted PVD coating so special?

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