Laser-Arc Evaporation
for Tribological Coatings

Laser-Arc evaporation is an efficient coating process based on a vacuum arc discharge. The precise control over the timing and location of the discharge enables its use as a linear coating source in larger production equipment. This technology is particularly suitable for the deposition of carbon layers.

Material is removed from the cathode (e.g., carbon) by a pulsed vacuum arc discharge. A laser is used to ignite this discharge, and the position of the discharge is controlled by varying the point of impact of the laser. Very high pulse currents lead to a high proportion of ionized cathode material.

With this technology, tetrahedral-amorphous carbon (ta-C) coatings up to 30 µm can be deposited. To maintain not only the high hardness but also the low coefficients of friction, post-treatment (polishing) of the coatings is recommended. 

Additionally, particle filters can also be integrated between the system and the coating unit. These coatings can be used for a wide variety of tribological applications.

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High hardness of the coating

through extremely low hydrogen content

High elasticity (Young's modulus)

through high sp3/sp2 ratio

Suited for sensitive polymer materials

through low coating temperatures down to < 180 °C

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