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As a global technology company, the VON ARDENNE Group is aware of its responsibility and acts in accordance with the interests of its employees, customers and partners. Our contemporary and stability-oriented corporate form supports this claim:

The VON ARDENNE Holding Management SE performs the management tasks of the corporate group as shareholder. In VON ARDENNE Holding SE & Co. KGaA, a supervisory board assumes the control function.

All Group units and associated companies in Germany, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, the USA and Vietnam are united under this umbrella.

VON ARDENNE Group - Group Management

Board of Directors

  • Pia von Ardenne (chair)
  • Dr. Benjamin von Ardenne (deputy chair)
  • Jens Gehlich
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann
  • Andreas Krinninger

Supervisory Board

  • Johannes von Ardenne (chair)
  • Thomas Enck (deputy chair)
  • Carsten Deus

VON ARDENNE Group - Group Units

Deutschland, Dresden

VON ARDENNE GmbH in Dresden emerged in 1991 from the Manfred von Ardenne Research Institute and has since become one of the world's leading technology companies in the development and production of vacuum coating systems and processes. Dresden is home to the headquarters of the VON ARDENNE Group, the largest development center with its high-performance Technology and Application Center, the central production of our main components and large manufacturing capacities at the two sites in Dresden-Weißig and Dresden-Niedersedlitz.

VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
China, Shanghai

VON ARDENNE entered the Chinese market for glass coating equipment in 2002 and has had its own local representation ever since. VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai (VAVE) emerged from this representation in 2006. The VAVE team is a sales partner for our customers in China and ensures the short term supply of spare parts. With its own production and expertise for the Chinese market, VAVE is actively involved in the strategic business development of the Group.

VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysia, Kulim

The dynamic growth of thin-film photovoltaics and the investments made by our customers in Malaysia led to the establishment of an agency in 2007, from which VON ARDENNE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (VAMA) was founded in Kulim in 2008. Initially founded as a service location, VAMA has been developing steadily. Today, it supports the Group's spare parts and upgrade business with its own sales and procurement­ teams, technicians, and a service center established in 2014. Our experienced team from Malaysia also supports VON ARDENNEs activities in Japan and South East Asia.

VON ARDENNE North America, Inc.
USA, Perrysburg (Ohio)

VON ARDENNE North America, Inc. in Perrysburg emerged in 2011 from our local service and sales partnerships and offers our customers in North America comprehensive service for architectural glass and electron beam­ systems as well as coating systems for thin-film and crystalline photo­voltaics. VANA ensures the complete supply of spare parts and components in the region. VANA has its own team for the preparation and planning of project work and to support development and sales.

VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd.
Japan, Tokyo

VON ARDENNE ist seit 1995 über eine Ver­tretung in Japan aktiv. Seit der Über­nahme der Gesellschaft im Jahr 2014 gehört die VON ARDENNE Japan Co., Ltd. (VAJP) mit Sitz in Tokyo zur VON ARDENNE-Gruppe. Dort sind der­zeit zehn Mit­arbeiter für den Service, die Vertriebs­aktivitäten und die strategische Geschäfts­entwicklung des VON ARDENNE Konzerns in Japan verant­wortlich. Die Service­ingenieure der VAJP betreuen unsere japani­schen Kunden, bei denen Beschichtungs­anlagen für Architektur­glas, Folien und für die Photovoltaik­branche sowie Elektronenstrahl­anlagen installiert sind.

VON ARDENNE Vietnam, Corp., Ltd.
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

VON ARDENNE Vietnam, Corp., Ltd. (VAVN), located in Ho Chi Minh City, was established in 2017 as a service location to support our local customers and their coatingplants. The site is located in the Dong Nam Industrial Park in close­ proximity to our customers in the photovoltaic and architectural glass industries. In cooperation with our other subsidiaries in Asia, VON ARDENNE Vietnam is to be expanded into another service location in Southeast Asia.

VON ARDENNE India Pvt. Ltd.
India, Chennai

VON ARDENNE India Pvt. Ltd. (VAID) started operations on September 1, 2022. The subsidiary is located in Chennai in the Southeast of India. As a sales and service unit, VAID focuses on developing the Indian market in order to place the VON ARDENNE Group's technology and equipment portfolio on the market. Our local team offers a wide range of services: Commissioning of plants, repair and maintenance services, spare and wear parts, consulting for Upgrades to increase plant performance.

VON ARDENNE Group - Affiliated companies

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