Sampling & Layer Development
With a wide range of equipment

In our Technology & Application Center, we work with you and for you on the next generation of your coating applications.

From the simulation of layer stacks and their functionality, to sample production on a laboratory and pilot scale, to the measurement and evaluation of coating and substrate properties, we are prepared to meet a wide range of requirements. This gives you the opportunity to test the function of the coating for your product in advance on relevant sample sizes.

But it also offers the chance of further product development during the delivery time of the equipment, since a transfer of the results from the laboratory can easily take place due to the similarity of the processes. For this purpose, coating systems are available for various substrates such as glass, polymer film, metal strip and silicon wafers. For basic testing, very flexible laboratory systems with smaller substrate formats are used in order to be able to quickly define the appropriate parameter windows.

Subsequently, piloting on our own inline systems with larger substrates often enables us to determine the fit with the your process sequences right through to the product. During this process, it is also possible to carry out further investigations of the samples according to customer or DIN standards with regard to stability, corrosion resistance, adhesive strength and chemical resistance.

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Gaining knowledge through simulation

 of layer composition & properties

Sampling & qualification of properties

from a single source

Targeted integration of coating steps

into your value chain

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