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Hydrogen is considered one of the energy sources of the future.  It is the first element in the periodic table of elements. And so-called green hydrogen will play a central role. This term refers to hydrogen produced from water by electrolysis. If the required electrical energy is generated by renewables, green hydrogen is carbon-neutral in production. thus, it is a sustainable energy source with a wide range of potential applications, for example in fuel cells.

As the markets for electrolyzers and fuel cells are still at the beginning of an industrialization phase, equipment manufacturers with expertise in scaling and industrialization are in demand - like VON ARDENNE.

With our know-how, our PVD processes and coating systems, we offer manufacturers of electrolyzers and fuel cells optimal solutions for cost-effective and highly productive production.

In our in-house Technology & Application Center, we can test coating concepts and carry out sampling with them.

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Scalable equipment platforms

with a high productivity

In-house development capacities

and sampling facilities

Experience with the industrialization

of new technologies

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Premiere at H2 FC EXPO 2024 in Tokyo:

German Fuel Cell Cooperation (GFC) Presents High-Volume Production Line for Metal Bipolar Plates

First PVD tool for PEM Electrolysis to be Commissioned

The first pro­duction coating system for full-size PEM electro­lyzer com­po­nents is about to be in­stalled.

Investing in Clean Hydrogen – US premiere at Hydrogen Technology Conf. & Expo Houston 2023:

German Fuel Cell Cooperation (GFC) presents high-volume production line for metal bipolar plates.

World premiere at f-cell 2022 in Stuttgart:

German Fuel Cell Cooperation presents highly productive production line for metallic bipolar plates


08.10.2024 - 09.10.2024
hy-fcell Stuttgart 2024

Booth: 4 / E30
Landesmesse Stuttgart

12.11.2024 - 13.11.2024
FC3 Conference Chemnitz 2024

Carlowitz Congresscenter Chemnitz
Theaterstraße 3
09111 Chemnitz

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Sales & Business Development ManagerVON ARDENNE GmbH

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Vice President Energy Conversion & StorageVON ARDENNE GmbH