The image shows the myVA logo
The picture shows a woman holding up a tablet on which you can see the surface of the myVA dashboard.

It's here: the myVA Customer Portal. VON ARDENNE has developed it with the aim of simplifying interactions, providing valuable insights and increasing the efficiency of processes. Over the next few weeks, the functions will be expanded and the customer portal will be extensively developed.

Reaching goals quickly and easily

Simplicity is often the key to success. That is why we have designed the customer portal in such a way that the interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so that users can navigate through the content effortlessly. Whether it's important documentation on the systems, using the electronic spare parts catalog or contacting the VON ARDENNE team: the optimized design ensures quick results and makes the customer's day-to-day work easier.

Improved communication channels

Communication is important - in every aspect of our lives. We have taken this to heart. You can now easily contact our support team via the customer portal. A secure messaging system ensures fast and confidential communication.

And we will further simplify the communication with the VON ARDENNE Service Support team.  The customer portal will soon be expanded to include an integrated ticket system to make contacting us more efficient. There will also be an overview of current orders and existing contracts.

Customer feedback is our basis for further development

We value the opinions of our customers. That's why the customer portal offers a special area for feedback, which helps us to continuously improve our services.

The myVA customer portal is an important step on the road to the future of customer service. We would like to take this step together with our customers.

Learn more about myVA here.