On November 22, 2022, VON ARDENNE hosted the first meeting of the Sustainability Network Dresden, which was launched on the initiative of the Dresden office for economic development and various Dresden-based companies. At the meeting, we were able to welcome those responsible for sustainability from well-known companies* in the region to our premises.

The aim of the network is to exchange views on the wide range of aspects that need to be given greater attention in the future. In this way, we want to learn from and with each other and support each other in implementation. The main focus will be on topics relating to environmental protection, energy management, CO2 reduction, but also the perception of social responsibility. In addition, we want to coordinate with the city of Dresden on how we can contribute to the goal of establishing "Dresden as one of 100 climate-neutral cities in Germany".

*Representatives of the following companies or their Dresden branches took part: AIR LIQUIDE, DAS Environmental Expert, DIE GLÄSERNE MANUFAKTUR, Elbe Flugzeug­werke, GlaxoSmithKline, Dresden office for economic development, Menarini-Von Heyden, Novaled, Pharmatec, plant values, Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing, SachsenEnergie, SOLARWATT, Sunfire and VON ARDENNE.