PVD Hard Material Coating System

With the DREVA, you get a flexible PVD coating system for the deposition of hard material layers through cathodic arc evaporation.

It also enables you to utilize planar or rotatable magnetron sputter sources extending up to HiPIMS. The evaporators are designed as circular, planar (controlled) ARC evaporation sources.

The hollow cathode plasma source can be used for activation, fine cleaning and heating of the substrates. This is characterised by high discharge currents in the range of >100 A and a correspondingly high plasma density and BIAS currents on the substrates.

The system has fully automatic recipe control, but can also be operated in manual mode. It is supplied with a number of standard recipes for the deposition of hard coatings.

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Wide range of hard coating layers with high deposition rates

 through cathodic ARC evaporation technology

Application-specific adaptation for advanced coatings

through modular source configuration

Customer-specific substrate carriers

with threefold substrate rotation for 3D parts

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Marko Schöbitz

Technical Sales ManagerVON ARDENNE GmbH