using Augmented Reality

Virtual Assistance with AR Glasses

In a world that is constantly changing, it's time for your company to take the next step towards the future. Welcome to our augmented reality remote support!

Ready for the future?

The future of vacuum coating is digital, efficient and cost-effective. Get on board now and benefit from the advantages of our augmented reality technology.

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Why augmented reality?

Responding quickly to faults, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimum performance is crucial. This is where our ground-breaking augmented reality technology comes into play:

Real-time remote support: Augmented reality data glasses allow you to bring expert knowledge directly to you - wherever you are. Our experts can give you instructions on how to fix problems as if they were on site themselves.

Efficient training: With augmented reality, you can conduct training courses in real time. New employees can quickly familiarize themselves with the operation of complex machines and systems without long journeys or time-consuming on-site training.

Reduced downtime: With AR technology, you can identify and fix problems faster, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. This means lower costs and higher profits for your business.

Cost savings: Less travel, faster problem solving and efficient training means significant cost savings for your business.

Safety and quality: These AR solutions help to improve safety in the workplace and increase the quality of manufactured products, as errors can be detected and rectified more quickly.


Saves time & travel expenses

as you can do the service yourself

Hands-free working

with videos, images & live communication using AR glasses

Improved visual effects

for training purposes

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Jana Schilling

Technical Sales ManagerVON ARDENNE GmbH