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Dig­i­tal Knowl­edge Data­base

In the complex world of vacuum coating, quick access to in­for­ma­tion is crucial. Whether you are managing a team of ex­perts or wor­king on the sys­tem your­self, the right service in­for­ma­tion is essential to complete your tasks ef­fi­cient­ly and ef­fect­ive­ly. Discover VA PEDIA, your all-in-one know­ledge platform.

Our mission: your success

VA PEDIA is more than just a plat­form - it's your trusted part­ner for know­ledge manage­ment and self-service. Our state-of-the-art plat­form is designed to pro­vide you with ex­act­ly the in­for­ma­tion you need within seconds.

Your satis­faction is our suc­cess

Our focus is on your satisfaction. That's why we are constantly working to improve the platform and update it with the latest information.

Rely on VA PEDIA to increase your efficiency, minimize down­time and con­stant­ly ex­pand your know­ledge.

Would you like to learn more? Then take a look at the brochure, or contact us directly.

​​​​​​​The advantages of VA PEDIA at a glance

Intelligent search: forget spen­ding hours going through manu­als and docu­ments. Our in­tel­li­gent search func­tion under­stands your queries and delivers precise results so that you can opti­mal­ly main­tain your machines and sys­tems.

Guided fault diagnostics: Are you facing a problem? Don't worry! VA PEDIA guides you through the diagnostic process and helps you to identify and rectify faults faster so you can mini­mize down­time.

Linking the in­for­ma­tion: With complex systems, it is important to understand the interrelations. VA PEDIA links in­for­ma­tion together so that you get a comprehensive picture and can make the best decisions.

Always and every­where available: Thanks to the user-friendly app, you have access to VA PEDIA when­ever and wher­ever you want. Whether you are on the pro­duc­tion floor, in the office or on the road - we are there for you.


Quick access to the right solution

and infor­mation that is always up-to-date

All the relevant infor­mation is inter­connected

and in one place

Smart & guided trouble­shooting

and easier research

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