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VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

VON ARDENNE's entry into the Chinese market for glass coating systems took place in 2002. Encouraged by our growing success, the decision was quickly made to have our own representation and Chinese contact persons on site for our customers and to continue to position ourselves successfully in the market.

In 2006, our first group unit emerged from the agency: VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai (VAVE), located in Songjiang Industrial Park. The qualified team of sales representatives, engineers, service and installation specialists is the direct contact with our Chinese customers for all questions regarding systems, upgrades and spare parts deliveries. VAVE employees now look after dozens of VON ARDENNE coating systems installed at customers' sites for architectural glass and metal strips as well as for the photovoltaic industry.

VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment ensures the short-term supply of spare parts to our customers through its purchasing department. With their own production and expertise for the Chinese market, VAVE colleagues are actively involved in the strategic business development of the VON ARDENNE Group.

VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Plant 7, No 801 Qiangye Road, Songjiang District