Wafer-Level Optics
Coating Equipment for Precision Optical Components

Optical filter layers deposited directly on glass or semiconductor wafers enable optical products that have a very small size and a competitive price-performance ratio. Therefore, they have found their way into various markets such as consumer electronics or the automotive industry. Due to the increasing demand for high volume production, wafer-level optics are becoming the focus of the industry.

With the OPTA X, we offer you a coating system that has been specially developed to meet the requirements in the fields of photonics and wafer level optics.

For multilayer coating of wafer-based microlens arrays, semiconductor sensors or filter-on-chip CMOS, the OPTA X provides you with fully automated, SEMI-compatible wafer handling for integration in semiconductor fabs. In addition to wafers with a diameter of 200 millimeters, the OPTA X is also suitable for wafer sizes up to 300 millimeters.

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Optical filter layers directly on glass and semiconductor wafers

 e.g. for silicon devices

Optical monitoring of transmission or reflection

directly on the wafer

SEMI-compatible wafer handling

for integration in semiconductor fabs

Narrow-Band Filter
Coating Example

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