Dielectric Mirrors
Coating Equipment for Precision Optical Components

Optical mirrors made of dielectric alternating layers can be found in various fields of application. These include biomedical applications such as dental mirrors, material processing for guiding and directing laser beams, as efficient reflectors (Bragg mirrors) in light guides and optical resonators. They are also used in the field of AR/VR/XR as partially reflective components for projection and display applications.

Compared to metal mirrors, dielectric layer systems can be designed very application-specific. Thus, selective, narrow- or broadband behavior can be realized with regard to the wavelength. In addition, dielectric reflectors are angle-sensitive.

If you want to functionally improve dielectric mirror layers, increased deposition precision, layer quality and reproducibility are required. For this purpose, VON ARDENNE has developed the OPTA X with special CARS process technology.

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Smooth optical coatings of highest quality

through special CARS process technology

Up to 50% less manpower required

due to fully automated recipe control, carrier handling, substrate loading

Optical in-situ process monitoring

for continuous specification control

Beam Splitters
Coating Example

Broadband Mirrors (BBHR)
Coating Example

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