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Coating Equipment for Precision Optical Components

If you want to apply interference optical broadband antireflection coating or selective filter coatings to lens elements, these coatings must meet certain specifications for temperature and environmental stability.

This presents special challenges, such as uniform filtering along the curved substrate surface. Other challenges include an antireflection coating on both sides of the lens surfaces, an additional optical filter function, and a climate-resistant, mechanically stable lens coating with improved shift behavior of the filter through denser layers.

For such requirements and VON ARDENNE has developed a special coating system: the OPTA X. It is also an alternative to the conventional vapor deposition process.

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Direct application of filters to lens elements

with concave & convex surfaces

Dense coatings for front lenses

with high abrasion & weather resistance

Single & double-sided coating

of heavy lenses with a large diameter

Bandpass Filters
Coating Example

Anti-Reflection Coating
Coating Example

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