Technical Details

Scalable Equipment Solutions

We offer you ideal solutions for cost-efficient and highly pro­ductive manu­facturing. They are tailored to your current and future require­ments.

Our coating systems are based on modular platforms. This design will allow you to scale from research and development to high-voulume production.

Coatings for Metal Strip & Bipolar Plates

To offer you optimal pre- and post-coating solutions, we combine our equipment and PVD technology portfolio.

Pre-coating describes the coating of metal strip straight from the coil and focuses on high productivity at unrivaled low cost.

Post-coating, on the other hand, is a more conservative coating approach. Here, completely welded bipolar plates are coated on both outer surfaces while avoiding any interaction of the coating with the forming and welding process.

A third alternative is mid-coating, which means that anode and cathode halfplates are coated after the forming process but prior to their assembly into a bipolar plate.


Coatings for PEM fuel cells

Our carbon-based layer stacks for PEM fuel cell ap­pli­cations are opti­mized for a low inter­facial contact resistance (ICR), good ad­hesion and high corrosion resistance. The ICR, corrosion performance and durability of these layer stacks are comparable to the gold reference coating and have been qualified by re­nowned testing institutes.

Electrochemical corrosion test with Fraunhofer ISE

VON ARDENNE carbon coatings are corrosion resis­tant at fuel cell potential. Even after exposure to higher potentials, they show low contact resistance, similar to a gold coating.

Accelerated stress test (AST) with ZBT

In the accelerated stress test, the per­formance of VON ARDENNE coatings (pre- and post-coating) can also reach the per­formance of a PVD gold coating.

Coatings for PEM electrolyzers

VON ARDENNE also offers precious metal coatings for PEM electrolyzer applications. These coatings reduce interfacial contact / through-plane resistance (ICR/TPR) and provide corrosion protection at electrolysis anode potential.

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