XEA|nova® L
Inline Coating System

If you are looking for a highly productive and flexible production system combined with proven technology and design, the XEA|nova L is the perfect choice for you.

The inline coating system is based on our patented coating technology for large substrate areas. The system is wide and can therefore process many substrates simultaneously. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for applications with high productivity at very low costs. With the XEA|nova L, you can coat silicon wafers or other small substrates. It is also suitable for very thin substrates.

Thanks to its modular design, the XEA|nova L can be equipped with magnetrons with rotating targets for sputter deposition of high performance TCO layers or various other materials such as metals and metal oxides. It can also be adapted for other deposition technologies. Substrates can also be pre-treated in the system by cleaning or etching, either under vacuum or before entering vacuum.

Would you like to learn more? Then take a look at the brochure, or contact us directly.

Exceptionally productive

due to large width

Easily adaptable to new processes & requirements

due to flexible & modular design

Low downtime

due to quick and easy maintenance

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