Optical Interference Filters
Coating Equipment for Precision Optical Components

Lowest optical losses, preferably no absorption and scattering, high transmission in the filter passband, deep blocking in the filter stopband, steep, precise filter slopes - these are requirements for optical interference filters such as bandpass filters, dichroic filters, beam splitters, polarizing or notch filters.

The performance of cameras, projectors, telescopes and optical measurement technology is being improved continuously. This requires standardized components with improved interference optical coatings.

These multilayer coatings determine the specific component function. They also reflect light or selectively split it into partial beams. They block individual wavelengths or act as pass filters for a specific light frequency range.

With the OPTA X, we offer you a coating system for such demanding filter depositions. It enables you to reliably reproduce the highest coating requirements even on larger filter substrates and with larger batch quantities.

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Highest layer thickness precision

and reproducibility of deposition

Sophisticated filter deposition

on two- & three-dimensional substrates

Suitable for target materials

for all wavelengths from UV to IR

Bandpass Filter
Coating Example

Triple Bandpass Filter
Coating Example

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