Turbine Blades
Equipment for Thermal Barrier Coatings

As a manufacturer or coater of turbine blades, you have to master production processes at the edge of what is technically possible. And it is important that the ratio between costs, quality and delivery time is right. Above all, you expect high reliability and availability from your equipment.

With the TUBA, VON ARDENNE offers the optimal coating system for the thermal barrier layer systems of the next turbine generations. With this equipment, you benefit from over 60 years of experience with electron beam systems and technologies.

What are the advantages of turbine blade coating?

Air traffic is growing steadily and so are the demands on engines. They should be less noisy, save fuel and be low in emissions.  To meet these requirements, turbines have to withstand ever higher temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

This can be achieved with coatings made from high-performance ceramics. Such thermal barrier coatings contribute to longer turbine blade life and reduce fuel consumption.

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Proven product quality

through expertise in coatings made from advanced ceramics

Minimal disruption of production campaigns

due to equipment that is easy to maintain

Leading electron beam components

and over 60 years of technology experience

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