Coating System for Turbine Blades

VON ARDENNE provides you with thermal barrier coating solutions for hot section components of modern aero engines. These solutions are based on electron beam evaporation technology and include equipment, key components and technology.

The TUBA is a modular system for the coating of turbine blades by means of electron beam evaporation. It is ideally suited for high-volume production or the refurbishment of components for aero engines and stationary gas turbines. The TUBA can be configured with one or two substrate handling systems.

The system is equipped with industry-leading VON ARDENNE electron beam systems. And it features an innovative parts handling concept, advanced heating equipment and state-of-the-art evaporator technology. Beyond that, it features an advanced maintenance concept.

As a leading provider of industry-proven vacuum deposition equipment for large-area coatings, VON ARDENNE has incorporated its broad knowledge and expertise in EB-PVD technologies into this platform.

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Flexible design adapted to productivity requirement:

single or dual feed, one or two materials evaporation

Industry-leading electron beam technology

for stable high rate evaporation process

Low downtime

due to quick & easy maintenance

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Robert Ostanin

Technical Sales ManagerVON ARDENNE GmbH