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With VA IN­DIGO, we will as­sist you in dig­i­tal­iz­ing your work­flows in con­nec­tion with the ma­chine op­er­a­tion - from in­stal­la­tion and train­ing to op­er­a­tion, main­te­nance, trou­bleshoot­ing as well as ser­vice and sup­port.

The world is getting more and more digital and the industry with it – a development that is often referred to as Industry 4.0.

One aspect of Industry 4.0 is the digitalization and networking of machines, logistics, periphery systems and resources based on collecting, analyzing and transferring data. This will enable the optimization of not just one production step but a complete value chain - thereby facilitating new modes of operation and new ways of producing goods more flexibly. Furthermore, it will open new ways of providing products and services.

Based on this worldwide development, VON ARDENNE will support customers in fulfilling future requirements such as autonomy, connectivity, productivity, predictability and flexibility – and help you enter the next era of production.

With our experience of more than 60 years in PVD technology and PVD equipment manufacturing, we know our machines and components from A to Z and how to use the generated data. This know-how in combination with our expertise in engineering, machine and system design as well as individual services has led to our new digital product and service portfolio: VA INDIGO.

Industry 4.0 - What does it mean for us?

 Industry 4.0 is changing the way we...

  • operate processing equipment,
  • connect the processing chain,
  • develop new solutions and
  • run industrial business.


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The VA PROCESSMASTER is the ideal solution for automated process setting and control for all layer systems. It follows a novel approach in process control and leads to best results without operator interaction. It also allows for a fully-automated stabilization of the sputtering process and improves product quality.

This tool enables our customers to create complex and attractive product recipes. It also helps them increase the uptime of their coating equipment, as it enables a faster adjustment to a new recipe.


Increased yield & reduced cost of quality & claim management by

  • Improved quality by stabilized sputter process, reduced product variation and out-of-spec losses
    • More output by accelerated product recipe changes in order to gain production up-time
    • Stable operating points over long periods
    • Very high homogeneity of individual layers and layer stacks (color)  
  • Simplified operation
  • Larger product portfolio with more profitable products

VA Cat­a­log


Our electronic spare part catalog helps you optimize your spare part management, because it makes the identification of spare and wear parts faster and more precise.

Furthermore, it helps avoid faulty orders caused by incorrect identification. Delays in the ordering process, for instance those caused by the identification of parts, will be a thing of the past.

VA CATALOG will enable you to access to the most recent data in real time around the clock.


  • Service information system
  • Easy operation/navigation
  • Automatic change management
  • Short research times
  • Catalogues in all required languages
  • Visual identification of spare and wear parts
  • Optimized ordering process
  • Connection between mechanics and electrics
  • Integration of 3D models

VA Col­lege


You want to educate your service technicians, sales agents and customers and promote them individually?

With e-learning, formal and informal learning will be an integral part of your education and knowledge transfer process. 


  • Text-to-speech provides classroom feeling
  • Customer layout
  • Independent of time and location
  • Individual learning pace
  • Structured training (Didactic Design)
  • Automated test and exercises
  • Automated evaluations of test results
  • Training material on different devices
  • Many modules for basic content available
  • Customizing and specific content possible
  • Various languages are available



Remote assistance with augmented reality data goggles, immediate support via remote access exactly when you need it, we see what you see: Augmented reality is pushing the boundaries of remote support.

Imagine your machine is suddenly breaking down bringing your production to a halt. You urgently need support by VON ARDENNE service.

With remote access, you can easily and quickly reach out to the VON ARDENNE service team and show them what the problem is.

With the help of live video and augmented reality troubleshooting steps that appear directly in you field of vision, we will help you solve the issue. This will help you save valuable time and travel expenses.




  • I see is what you see
  • Communication via images and language
  • Expert not required on site
  • Quick support
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Provides security during execution
  • Can also be used in extreme installation situations