Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells
Vacuum Coating Equipment & Process Development

Do you want to push the technical limits of a solar cell? Would you like to set up a pilot production for perovskite tandem solar cells? Realize the next generation of solar cells with scalable vacuum coating equipment.

VON ARDENNE supports your scientists and process engineers in finding the processes for perovskite absorber deposition as well as ETL, HTL and recombination layers.

Benefit from our expertise in photovoltaics through over 280 installations in more than 20 years. This corresponds to an installed capacity of over 40 gigawatts. VON ARDENNE provides you with thermal evaporation and sputtering processes. They will put you in a position where you can realize your cell production on a mega and gigawatt scale and in a reliable and repeatable way.

Alternatively, we can combine PVD technology with other processes such as Vapor Transport Deposition (VTD), spin coating or slot die coating.

We are also a reliable partner for laboratory systems.

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Experienced partner for scalable process development

from single wafer processes to megawatt to gigawatt

... with highest possible cell efficiency

of over 30 percent

... at competitive costs

per watt peak

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