Linear Evaporator
for Thermally Sensitive Materials

The VON ARDENNE Linear Evaporator is a compo­nent that ther­mally eva­po­ra­tes organic and inorganic mate­rial in a closed crucible. The va­por is dis­tri­bu­ted through a hea­ted pipe in the di­rec­tion across the sub­stra­te and re­leased to the sub­stra­te through a li­ne­ar nozz­le ar­ray.

This com­po­nent can be used for the eva­po­ra­ti­on of ther­mal­ly sen­si­ble or­ga­nic ma­te­ri­als on ri­gid or fle­xi­ble sub­stra­tes for OLED or or­ga­nic so­lar cell ap­pli­ca­ti­ons.

Beyond that, the tool can be used for the eva­po­ra­ti­on of small mole­cu­le or­ga­nics for OLED de­vices. Ano­ther pos­si­ble ap­pli­ca­ti­on is the eva­po­ra­ti­on of Pbl2 and other perovs­ki­te ma­te­ri­als for the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring of perovs­kite tandem solar cells.

Fur­ther­mo­re, the Li­ne­ar Eva­po­ra­tor can be used to crea­te easy-to-cle­an (ETC) coa­tings by the eva­po­ra­ti­on of wa­ter and oil re­pel­lent per­fluoro­po­lyethers and other ETC che­mi­cals.

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Inline processing of organic devices

at high throughput

Minimizes heat impact on evaporant & substrate

when processing sensitive materials

Superior homogeneity & stability

of the layers

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